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iS Clinical White Lightening Serum

Trying to decide which skin lightening product to use can be a difficult under taking so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the ingredients, clinical research, side effects, and customer quality reviews. We also went through hundreds of user comments from various websites. We took all of the information and condensed to give you the highlights and lowlights of this product.

How the Product Works

This clinical white lightening serum is supposed to be clinically proven to reduce discoloration and hyper-pigmentation by 75% in only three months. It uses Norwegian sea kelp extracts and botanical acids to lighten and smooth skin.

The brand itself is an innovative skin care line dedicated to developing clinically-validated skincare products that improve the physical and emotional well-being of people globally.

The main ingredients are butylene glycol, water, glycerin, alcohol denat., ascophyllum nodosum extract, saccharum officinarum (sugar cane), vaccinium myrtillus fruit/leaf extract, alpah-arbutin, glyceryl polyacrylate, polyporus umellatus (mushroom) extract, salix alba (willow) bark extract and menthol.

  • Effectiveness
  • Product Speed
  • Long Term Results
  • Price


Even after following the instructions and using the serum for a few weeks, there was no difference in the look of dark spots, acne marks, aging and scars.


Side Effects – Possible Irritant

This serum tends to make skin feel extremely dry and sensitive. Some users even mentioned that they suffered from random break outs on their face (chin/mouth/forehead/nose). The unfortunate part is many times severe acne breakouts cause even more scarring and dark spots.

Texture – Leaves No Residue

This product had quite a few negative comments on performance, but no one really complained about the texture. This serum contains some natural ingredients such as fruit/leaf extract, mushroom extract and willow bark extract, but it doesn’t accomplish much as far as adding moisture. Most of the people who reviewed this product said that it was drying and tends to make the skin breakout after using it for a few days.

The Results

iS Clinical White Lightening Serum is made from some pretty unimpressive ingredients that leave the buyer gasping at the sales price. One turn-off is that the website does not provide any user testimonials. What’s even odder is that the serum is not available through the website.

Let’s get past the fact it costs $115, which is a lot of money to drop on a cosmetic product. That being said, you want to see results. This serum doesn’t work to lighten, brighten or correct dark spots. Many people were unhappy, because the treatment caused irritation and peeling.

The Bottom Line

Basically, iS Clinical White Lightening Serum is not worth the money. It does very little to brighten the skin’s tone or get rid of hyper-pigmentation. Even after following the instructions and using the serum for a few weeks, there was no difference in the look of dark spots, acne marks, aging and scars. Most of the reviews stated they saw no improvements in radiance, texture, scars or sun spots. The one thing that is nice about this serum is that it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients.

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